What’s happening in Scottsdale

Arcadia Open House

Arcadia, Arizona: Open house

Springtime in Scottsdale means patio season!

When you live in Scottsdale, this time of year is our time to take full advantage of the weather & being outdoors. ⁣⁣I won’t speak for everyone but when I talk about being outdoors for recreations, ideally it includes eating good food, drinking fun drinks & being with good people…on a patio. The patios can…
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Arcadia Homeowners– Are you ready to cash in and upgrade?

Arcadia is one of the most high demand areas of the valley, especially with out of state buyers and cash buying investors. With Arcadia home sale prices up almost 40% and only taking an average 18 days to go from “listed” to “under contract”, there is no better time to cash in your equity and…
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There is a BIG secret in the Scottsdale & Arcadia housing market and I can give you the 4-1-1!

It’s not new news that it’s a hot sellers Real Estate market but I’ll let you in on a secret— High demand for homes doesn’t necessarily mean you will automatically get the most out of your home sale! A good REALTOR uses these and a handful of other tricks to make sure home sellers have…
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